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Movie Costumes

Shop Movie costumes that blend fantasy with reality on any given day. Celebrate Halloween, a movie premier or film-themed party wearing the outfits from your favorite Hollywood hits.

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Products 1-20 of 428

Pages:Products 1-20 of 428

Products 1-20 of 428

Despicable Me 3 Movie Costumes

Shop Movie Minnion costumes that blend fantasy with reality

Movie Costumes from All Genres

Movie Costumes seem to be all the rage these days! It seems like everywhere we look, there is a brand new blockbuster hitting the scene. The immense amount of popularity these films receive is insane and everyone wants to cosplay as their favorite characters! Everything from family films to the hottest action flick, WonderCostumes.com has a huge selection of movie costumes! If you want to become your favorite Marvel movie character, or a favorite Disney Princess, we have the costume for you! With such a huge selection of film costumes we can almost guarantee that you will find something that you will love!

Children’s Movie Characters

Kids love playing dress up, especially when they pretend to be their favorite Movie characters. There are so many movies for kids to connect to these days. Whether your kid wants to dress up as Iron Man or Princess Elsa this Halloween, children’s movie costumes bridge fantasy and reality! Movie costumes are the top hit of Halloween and this year will be no different. Your kid will be the talk of the class when he walks in on Halloween dressed as a Minion! Let their imaginations run wild as they fantasize they are swinging through New York with their Amazing Spider-Man costume! Whatever movie your child may be into, we more than likely have a costume that will accommodate those interests!

Film Costumes and American History!

From the early days of the drive-in movies to the awesome Imax theaters we have today, Movies have always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment. As movie technology has advanced we have seen a surge in popularity as blockbuster hits become more of a regular thing. The Marvel franchise is almost solely responsible when it comes to the new popularity of movie costume cosplay. However, people still love to take it back to the classics. Wizard of Oz costumes are immensely popular and still some of the top film-based costumes to this day. We know many of you have that inner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle waiting to come out, so we have the costumes from the latest movies that are perfect for you! Even cult American classics such as Nightmare Before Christmas have new outfits made each year.

Stellar Selection at Wonder Costumes

Here at Wonder Costumes there is a wide selection of movie costumes that cover everything from Transformers to Frozen. Nearly any film you would want a costume from is available here and we are sure you love your ‘Hollywood’ transformation. If you want a movie costume for a cosplay event, Halloween party, children’s recital, or you just want to strap up in a Batman suit for bats and giggles, you will find it all here! With such a huge selection of officially licensed movie costumes we pride ourselves on all of the options that you have to choose from! So what are you waiting for? Go and get your ideal movie costume right now!