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Find the most unique costume toys and costume props to add that sense of reality! Find Toy armory, Magic Props, Toy Bugs, Creepy Toy Body Limbs, Witch Brooms and many more Costume Toys to make your Halloween or Theatrical Event as original as possible. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and fast shipping options.

You just bought an amazing costume and you want to wear it better than anyone else. How can you make your character most realistic? Accessorize! Find the most unique costume toys and costume props to add that sense of reality to an otherwise copy-prone disguise. In movies, theater and Halloween night, toy props are crucial in defining the role of the character. Sure, you can pretend you are kung-fu fighting with imaginary numb chucks but that won’t get you very far in the excitement department.

Costume toys or props can be can be anything from fake food, a magic wand, a rabbit in the hat, a knight’s shiny armor, toy swords, toy axes, toy bows and arrows, military helmets and toy arms for soldiers or police officer costumes. There are many things that you can do with these toy props to make your costume stand out. Action characters such as Batman or the Power rangers are great examples of how costume toys and props come in handy. Superhero and Movie Props for Kids are a must on Halloween or on stage.

Often you will see pictures of costumes with toy props and there will be an asterisk foot note at the bottom that reads “*sold separately” or “*not included”. At first, you may feel a bit disappointed but you should really be glad that you are not stuck with whatever Costume Toy is given. In most cases, the fact alone that a costume incorporates a toy significantly raises the price of the costume and you will most likely feel disappointed with the item. It is actually much cheaper if you buy the Costume Toys and Props separately because there is much more variety to customize to your liking. Best of all, the amount of competition for similar products help to drive prices down significantly. You will end up with a higher quality product for much less than what it would cost if it were included.