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  • Vampire Halloween
    Vampire Halloween
    Kids & Adult Costumes

Vampire Costumes

Vampires have gone through significant transformations. They went from being reclusive and mysterious to living among mortals but only coming out at night to the "Twilight" type of Vampires that live almost completely normal lives among humans. Regardless of what type of Vampire you want to portray, you will find your look in this vast collection of Vampire Costumes.

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Vampire Costumes for kids and adults

Dress as a Vampire and show your mystical power

Vampire Costume for Adults, Kids , Men & Women for a thrilling Halloween. The horror genre would never be the same without Count Dracula and the Vampire legends that surround him. Enter the sinister obscure universe of this mythical blood-thirsty undead creature, as a riveting - or revolting- child of darkness: a vampire! Bloodcurdling selection of Victorian, Gothic, modern, and sexy vampire costumes, in rich velvet, satin and other lush fabrics will entrance your party peers. Dare to have and give a thrilling time! Also here, banshee costumes and several vampire accessories like fangs, long ghastly wigs, makeup, etc.

Even with superhuman strength, a body that maintains its youth throughout all ages and the ability to turn into a bat, the art of sucking blood requires an amount of finesse. It requires the ability to get close to a neck, to tenderly slide your lips along the lines in search of a pumping vein to sink your fangs into. For a vampire, seduction is eternal life, and as a carnal temptress, the perfect Sexy Vampire Halloween Costume can make every night a wild success. The natural resource for a charming vampire is the Vampire Seductress Costume, a black, long sleeve dress with white lace and red ribbon. The aggressive Vampire Vixen Costume includes a long sleeve black dress that flares out at the forearm, hooks together in the front and stops short at the top of the legs, a perfect design for keeping your prey looking down while you close in for the kill.

If you want to pull off sexy without being too provocative in dress, the Nightfall Vampire Costume is a stunning choice, a decorated black dress with a red bust and a black collar. You will be utterly irresistible. If that is your goal for the next party, to entrance and romance, to cast a spell of love, then we have multitudes of stunning Sexy Vampire Costume designs to help you capture new hearts every single night.