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  • Pirate Costumes
    Pirate Costumes
    Stylish Costumes for whole family

Pirate Costumes

Conquer Halloween with pirate costumes to inspire your inner buccaneer. There is no denying that pirates are one of the top Halloween themes every year. Browse our wide selection of pirate costumes and guarantee that you will make your next Halloween event a walk on the plank!

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Disney's Pirates and more Pirate Costume choices

A Selection of Pirate Costumes for all ages

Yarg! Pirate Costumes Aboard

Pirates costumes are staple Halloween classics and some of the most popular options every year. They are some of the most fun of outfits to wear for Halloween because there is so much you can do with them! They have absolutely no rules so you can almost dress however you want as long as you look the part! Pirates have been mainstream characters for years; it makes sense why everyone wants to dress up as these loot hunting scavengers! Pirate costumes are definitely a huge hit for kids, even when it isn’t Halloween time and even adults also love to dress up as pirates for a costume parties or Halloween at the office!

Why We Love Pirates!

Pirates have become some of the most popular characters in all of history; just think of the notoriety of Blackbeard and Captain Morgan. But putting aside the ruthless nature of real life sea-faring looters, there is no doubt that pirates are very entertaining individuals. Many movies such as the Pirates of The Caribbean series have keyed into the pirate hype and made pirates a part of modern mainstream. Johnny Depp is perhaps the most recognizable pirate character of recent time! Many people love the style of the era and it has made it more popular that it translates so well to costumes. The pirate way of life is often admired in some aspects; yes, they were ruthless criminals but that is not what makes them appealing. What people love is that they were free spirits and were not contained by the rules of the time.

Children’s Love of Pirates

Pirates are probably the most popular theme among kids these days. Between Disney theme cruises and kids’ TV programming, pirates have worked their way into safe child’s play. From playing pirate in your room to dressing up as a buccaneer for Halloween, any kid would love a pirate costume to wear while turning their bedrooms into a pirate ship! Every single Halloween you see kids of all ages dressed as their favorite pirate idols. A surge in popularity of shows such as Jake and The Neverland Pirates have only boosted the appeal to kids that fantasize about sailing the seas seeking treasure. It is enough to make them forget about other kinds of costumes and just want to be a pirate! Peter Pan, which is also one of the biggest Disney kids’ movies EVER, made kids of all ages fall in love with the lovable culture of pirates. This means—higher need for Pirate costumes! Whatever age your kid may be, we have the costume for them! Now make their little pirate dreams come true!

Pirates are for Grownups Too

While kids do love their pirate costumes, adults don’t fall far behind. WonderCostumes.com features many pirate costumes for adults that will drop jaws! Some pirate costumes (especially for ladies) are extremely sexy—exactly what you would want to wear to a costume or Halloween party. You definitely want your costume to be memorable and we definitely have that here. Whether you want to go with a skirt and corset combination or the standard pirate pantaloons and puffy shirt with bandana, you will find something that looks absolutely amazing on you! Dress super cute for your significant other and both of you can sail the 7 seas in search of treasure! Attend a conservative pirate costume or one that is more revealing, we have something “pirate” for all adults at Wonder Costumes!

Treasure Chest of Pirate Costumes

Pirates costumes are truly treasured at WonderCostumes.com. Being one of our most popular categories, we search far and wide for exclusive styles to make sure our customers are best served. Our pirate costumes and accessories are available in all sizes for the whole family so that everyone can enjoy a Halloween “at sea,” no matter where you may be. We’re sure you will find a great pirate costume, but why are you still reading this? Go and find yer booty!