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Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Walk the Plank in Style in Full Figure Plus Size Pirate Costume. Plus Size Costumes offer comfort so you can have an enjoyable Halloween Experience.

Plus Sizes and X-Large designs of Pirate Costumes for those with more to love. Dress up in style for Halloween as Captain Jack, Pirate Wench, Charming Pirate, Captain Hook or even Zombie Pirate outfit. Sometimes, too much effort is placed on capturing shipments of gold and coal. While you arm the cannons and fuss over pirate treasure, all their rum and their swords and their ships and their maps, you are quick to loot the bedrooms, the armors, the chests of silk and cloth and wool!

Wonder Costumes knows that being a pirate is as much about fashion as it is about captaining drunk, and that is why we have devoted an entire line of our product to piecing together rags from the riches to design your nest Plus Size Pirate Costume! The High Seas Pirate Costume is a nice choice, including a dark burgundy skirt and headscarf, a brown vest and a white undershirt of sorts with off-the-shoulder sleeves. If you would like a sexier and more feminine look, the Pirate Wench Costume suits nicely (very nicely) with a red, short, long sleeve dress with a layered skirt and a black corset. This costume includes a skull and crossbones scarf, a knife and a “Pirates Booty” pouch, making you a double threat: Deadly and Gorgeous. These are only a couple of the grand array of Plus Size Pirate Costume options, so look around and see which costume will best impress your first mate.