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  • Historic Costumes
    Historic Costumes

Historical Costumes

Historical costumes help you celebrate the important civilizations and events that shaped the world. From Ancient Egyptian costumes all the way to outfits from recent western history, Wonder Costumes has all time periods covered. Our selection features authentic looks from classic Rome, Greece, and periods like the medieval and renaissance times. Wear our costumes and celebrate history.

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Products 1-20 of 59

Pages:Products 1-20 of 59

Products 1-20 of 59

The Importance of Historical Costumes

What makes historical costumes as good as any other category? History is important, not only for education purposes, but entertainment as well. We remember so many historical events and the people involved because they are compelling and natural stories. Many remember the great historical heroes from Abraham Lincoln to Julius Caesar, history if full of figures still fresh in people's minds. Part of their image in our minds is their costumes of course! Historical costumes are iconic and look very cool. After all, we’ve had enough time to perfect them.

Outfits from Ancient History

Historic costumes make up an incredibly wide range of outfits dating all the way back to the beginning of time! Wonder Costumes has enough cavemen costumes for the whole family. Go for a classic look with a draped leopard skin and club, or go cartoony with our selection of Flintstones costumes. As we move through time we can also present to you a variety of ancient Egyptian and biblical era costumes. Don the headdress of Cleopatra, or follow the stars in the robes of the three wise men. We owe a lot to the ancient Greeks, from architecture to a little thing called democracy; we should show the ancient Greeks we care with some excellent costumes. Take up the mantle of the Greek hero and son of Zeus: Hercules, or watch your back while in the costume of the famous Julius Caesar.

Colonial America

Take a leap across water in through time to the birth of The United States of America with classic American historical costumes. Perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, take a look at some fantastic colonial and pilgrim costumes. Honor the founding fathers with our Benjamin Franklin and George Washington costumes. Recreate the civil war by raising the swords of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. We can’t tell a lie; our Abraham Lincoln costumes are top notch! Sit pretty in the shade with a southern Belle costume. Take part in the joy of the roaring 20’s with some wild flapper outfits. Be the big hit at the next 4th of July barbeque with a red white and blue Uncle Sam costume!

The Historical Fantasy of Steampunk

When it comes to costumes, nothing limits us, not even time and space! Wonder Costumes has a wide variety of Steampunk costumes and accessories. The historical fantasy of Steampunk is exciting and engaging, painting an alternate history where steam remained as the pinnacle of fuel and locomotion. As a result, Steampunk vehicles and costumes are old-fashioned and bulky, chock full of gears, tubes, whistles and more! These costumes are amazing and eye-catching at both Halloween parties and cosplay events. With a huge variety of wigs, accessories, and costume kits, you’re free to make up your own character by mixing and matching anything you like. So get lost in the world of Steampunk costumes by picking up your first corset or top hat today.

Preserve History Through Costumes!

Maintaining history is important, and although we may not think about it, costumes do their own work in preserving the images of many historical greats. With historical costumes, we still recognize the bifocals of Benjamin Franklin, the laurel crown of Julius Caesar, or the bronze breastplate of Roman Legates. Costuming does its part in preserving the history of the human race, and you're doing your part simply by stepping into the shoes of history's heroes and having fun.