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Athena Costumes

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Become the wisest of the Gods and Goddesses with an Athena Costume. In Greek Mythology, there were many Gods and Goddesses who possessed wonderful qualities that come along with immortality. You would assume that one of them is infinite wisdom, but if you learn enough about Greek Mythology, you will find that even some of these great Gods made very unwise decisions.

Luckily there was one Goddess that the Greeks could worship when they sought wisdom; this great Goddess was Athena. Because she was so wise, she inherently earned the title as Goddess of many other virtues such as philosophy, warfare, justice, civilization and even math among a plethora of other titles. This makes Athena one of the most respectable Goddesses in Greek Mythology. Even today, Athena Costumes are some of the most popular Greek Themed Outfits. If you are going to a Greek Costume Party, impress everyone with more than just your looks. Athena Dresses can be Elegant, Sexy or Casual but no matter which one you choose, your pride will rest in knowing that you are representing a truly intelligent, influential and strong Female figure.

Make an appearance at your Greek Themed Event in an Athena Goddess Costume fro Women. Pick from various colors and styles and adorn your dress with Greek Accessories like Head Pieces and Gold-Colored Jewelry. Even little girls can become wise women by following the steps of Athena at an early age with the Athena Toddler Costume for Girls. Make a Wise decision of your own and celebrate the great Athena.