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Zombie Costumes

There are different ways in which humans can become Zombies, in this case, wearing a Zombie Costume is the easiest way. Find the latest Zombie Costumes and accessories, enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options for your online costume order.

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Products 1-20 of 48

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 48

Products 1-20 of 48

Get the perfect Zombie costume!

Find your Perfect Zombie Outfit from this selection

Have you heard that Humans become hungry for flesh post mortem? It’s true, at least according to Zombie legend. If you are a fan of Zombie Horror, you know that there are different ways in which humans can become Zombies. One way is the classic evil curse that raises the dead from their graves with a hunger from living brains and they will stop at nothing to get the delicacy they seek. A more modern cause of Zombie transformation is the viral outbreak that sends the living into an uncontrollable illness that leads to death; a few moments after death, the virus causes corpses to come back to life with a strong desire to consume human flesh.

The previously mentioned causes for Zombie-ism are popular in Science Fiction and Horror Movies but there is only one true way for humans to become the Living Dead: Zombie Costumes. Hopefully you were not expecting something straight out of a Horror Film; it’s true that Zombie Costumes are not as thrilling as The Walking Dead but when Halloween time comes, a good Zombie Outfit can be just as terrifying.

Dress in a Zombie Costume and Accessorize your Undead look with Zombie Make-Up Kits, Horrific Masks, Wigs, Open Flesh Wound Tattoos, Zombie Props or anything else that will get your creativity involve in the process of making the most gruesome Zombie Costume ever. Simulate the look of rotting flesh with Artificial Limbs and wear the right Zombie Outfit. Some good suggestions are the “Doctor Scary” Zombie Costume, the “Rotted Zombie Costume” or the “Zombie School Girl” Outfit. Enjoy your Halloween!