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  • Biblical Costumes
    Biblical Costumes

Biblical Costumes

Whether you need to perform in a Christmas recital, a church play, an eastern re-enactment, or any type of event paying respect to Abrahamic religions, you will find the right Biblical Costume to ensure that your performance will stay true to the word. These Biblical Costumes pay homage to one of the top selling books in the history of humanity.

Biblical and Religious Costumes

Collection of modern biblical outfits for Christmas plays, school and church events

Biblical Costumes are an important part of Nativity plays and Church Pageants in communities around the world. This timeless story is a classic way to participate in the joy and wonder of the Holidays. Children will love the chance to dress up in these Christmas Costumes to act out these unforgettable roles and become a part of the joyful Christmas Season. Everyone has a part to play so find the perfect Shepherd Costume, Wise Men, Mary Costume, and Joseph Costume to help bring the story to life. It’s not just for kids though, we have Adult Costumes as well for a grown up pageant. You’ll love celebrating with your church community with these Bible Costumes, whether during Christmas, East or just for a Church fair or pageant.

Religious Costumes are a great choice for Halloween too! Choose a Priest Costume, Nun Costume, Angel or Monk for your Halloween Costume and have no fear of the ghosts and goblins running around! Biblical Costumes are a great alternative to evil Halloween Costumes can be used for Halloween alternative celebrations often hosted by Churches around the world on this otherwise creepy day. Enjoy!