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  • Funny Costumes
    Funny Costumes

Funny Costumes

Nothing like a funny costume for Halloween laughs. Dress up as the epitome of hilarity with funny costumes that bring joy to any costume party or Halloween event. Novelty always makes for an enjoyable time among friends, especially when manifested in a costume. Shop our variety of funny costumes and accessories to make the most of your Halloween.

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Products 1-20 of 118

Pages:Products 1-20 of 118

Products 1-20 of 118

Funny costumes for parties, events and more!

Have fun and make everybody laugh

If You Like Jokes, Then You’ll Love Funny Costumes

Everyone loves a good laugh right? Well if you love to laugh make other people laugh,our huge selection of funny costumes will fit you quite well! Our novelty costumes, props and accessories will fill the needs of any aspiring jokester. From the harmless abstract costumes, to the ridiculously outlandish, WonderCostumes.com has Halloween outfits that make sure you get laughed at--in a good way! Everyone wants to be something creepy for Halloween to scare everyone, but why not be a little different and try and make everyone laugh? Funny pairs up with almost any other theme; you can be cute and funny costume, scary funny, sexy funny, you name it! We even have costumes with ambiguous jokes and puns that command laughter of the witty.

Adult Humor in Costumes

If you are tired of dressing up as a nurse, a gangster, pirate, zombie or any other cliche Halloween costume, switch it up and go with a funny costume this year! Whether you go with an inappropriate present costume, or a giant strawberry, you will have all of your friends and co-workers dying laughing! It’s getting kind of old to have to dress up in the same costumes you loved as a kid; if you want something that is more grown up, then funny costumes and props are without a doubt the best option for adults.

What Kid Doesn’t Like “Funny”?

Even more than adults, kids absolutely love to laugh! Kids find humor in almost anything so getting your child a funny costume for Halloween is a sure shot. At WonderCostumes.com, we encourage creativity and thoughtfulness--two things that funny costumes are the embodiment of. Your kid would love to dress up as a minion, sumo wrestler, grape, or ant; pretty much anything that tickles their funny bone. Funny costumes help children break the ice in any social situation and improve their self-esteem as they will be welcomed by all their friends--and have an easy time making new ones. With such a wide variety and such a great theme, it’s pretty hard to imagine that they wouldn’t love one to get in touch with their funny side at WonderCostumes.com!

Everyone has a Sense of Humor

Yes! Funny costumes are absolutely perfect for anyone who is trying to shake things up and bring some laughs to Halloween! No matter how young or old, funny costumes are great for any age group. Some are more adult oriented and contain double entendres intended for and ‘R’ audience, but everyone has an option to express the type of humor they like best! We guarantee you will find outfits of pure shock-value or others make spark some laughs out of more innocent humor. Wonder Costumes puts the ‘fun’ into ‘funny costumes’. We guarantee pure enjoyment with this selection.

Funny Comes in All Sizes

We offer a very wide variety of sizes when it comes to funny costumes. We know that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and you just as there are different senses of humor. From plus sizes for those with more to love to petit extra-smalls, we are sure you will find a costume that fits not only your type of humor, but is comfortable for you to wear as well. Find awesome funny props to go with your costume and make all your friends and family laugh at whatever event you may be attending! You can contact us by phone at 1-800-288-9916 or e-mail us at Info@wondercostumes.com. We hope your costume shopping is a pleasure!