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Skin Suit Costumes

Skin Suits are the Hottest New Costume Trends around! These Morph Suits or Disappearing Man Suits allow you to morph into your own totally Unique Character. Browse our selection of Skin Suit Costumes and select our outfit from several colors and patterns. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options for your costume order.

Skin Suits aren't just incredibly Versatile and Hilarious Costume Piece - they've become one of the most Popular Costume Trends in recent years! Often referred to as 'Zentai Suits', 'Morph Suits', 'Disappearing Man Suit', and 'Second Skin'; Skin Suits come in all colors and forms! Lately, Skin Suits have become great Costume Ideas for Halloween, Sporting Events, Fundraisers, Cosplay, and more!

Consisting of a Full-Body Stocking and Overhead Hood, Skin Suits allow you to instantly Morph into your own Unique Character or Mascot. Need an over-the-top Outfit to show off your Team Colors? Choose from one of our many Mono-Colored Skin Suit Costumes - our Inflatable Adult Costume Red and Purple Body Skin Suit Adult Costume are just a few! Do the Kids wanna join in on the Skin Suit Costume fun, too? Take a look at our Kids Skin Suit Costume Orange for starters!

You can even skip the tedious task of choosing a Tuxedo from a fancy, high-end retailer and be occasion-ready with a Tuxedo Skin Suit Costume! Go deep undercover with a Camouflage Skin Suit Kids Costume. Terrify your friends and fellow party-goers with a Fading Eyes Shadow Demon Skin Suit Adult Costume! You can become a living X-Ray with an X Ray Mens Skin Suit, and even a Crash Test Dummy with your very own Crash Dummy Mens Skin Suit! We've got Plus Size Skin Suit Costume options and Funny Inflatable Skin Suit Costumes, too!

The possibilities are truly endless when you dive into the world of Skin Suits!