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    Baby Costumes
    Cute Costumes for Little Ones

Baby Costumes

Your baby will look adorable in a Baby Prince Costume or a little Dragon Costume. Babies are full of energy and happiness so just a little plush outfit will enhance their natural beauty and make the season theme as remarkable as ever.

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Products 1-20 of 359

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 359

Products 1-20 of 359

2015 Baby and Toddler Costumes

Costume options for your baby

Baby Costumes - Babies are so precious and full of wonder. From discovering their tiny little toes or seeing their happy smiles when playing Peek-A-Boo with mommy or daddy. Parents, we know how important it is for baby to feel comfy and snug as a bug in his/her costume, that's why we carry several styles for different stages of their early years.

For small newborns and infants we carry bunting costumes that are cozy and keep baby warm. These outfits are comfortable and easy to slip on. Once baby is in them you can put them in the car seat, stroller, etc. Choose from several themes and styles like Charlie The Candy Corn Bunting Costume, Bumblebee Bunting Costume or The Crayola Tickle Me Baby Bunting Costume. There are many affordable, stylish options for you so you're sure to find the ideal costume for your newborn.

For babies there are several wonderful onesie costumes as well as costumes with snap leg closures that make diaper changes a breeze. Moms we know how important this is! Countless costumes include booties and hats to keep baby warm and content. Costumes such as This Little Piggy Costume and Puppy Love Costume feature non-skid soles for safety.

Choose from delightfully comical toddler costumes that will have your child all smiles and giggles. Let their imagination run free in a fun disguise! Have them dress-up as one of their favorite cartoon characters. Pick from a collection of adorable, plush animal costumes that will transform your little prince into a monkey or a dragon or your princess into a ladybug or an owl!

Halloween is one of those fun-filled seasons where parents dress-up their already adorable little ones in costumes that will inspire ooh's and ahh's from family, friends and strangers alike. So go ahead, shop with confidence and choose one that fits your budget, style and needs.