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    Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay Costumes

Shop cosplay costumes and theatrical outfits for comic conventions and fandom events. Cosplay geeks will love our great selection from the most recognizable comics, animations, films and TV series. Role playing is made easy by the theatrical quality products you will find at Wonder Costumes!

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Products 1-20 of 66

Pages:Products 1-20 of 66

Products 1-20 of 66

Costumes for Cosplay and Comic Conventions

The realm of cosplay costumes is a wide and mighty one. Rife with fandoms and franchises like comic books, manga anime, video games, TV and movies, anyone who is a fan of anything can find their own place in the cosplay community. From superheroes to Star Wars, geeks of all ages come together to put on cosplay costumes of their favorite heroes and villains! A lot of cosplayers spend hundreds of hours and dollars on making perfect theatrical quality costumes for their next convention. However, with Wonder Costumes, anyone can join in on the fun with our wide variety of high quality cosplay costumes that fit your needs. So dive right into our stock to find the character costume that’s perfect for you! Remember, it’s Cos-play so have fun with it!

Superheroes at Comic-Cons

Superhero comics are one of the original things conventions were founded on, and naturally, superhero costumes go hand in hand with that. Of all the popular comics and theatrical cosplay costumes, most popular outfits come from the “big two”: Marvel and DC. Every year, at conventions across the world, you’ll see dozens of theatrical superhero costumes like Superman, Spiderman, Thor, and Wonder Woman. Considering superheroes have been figures we’ve looked up to ever since we were kids, it’s not surprising we pay homage by donning their stylish and iconic theatrical quality costumes at cosplay events and comic conventions! Heroes aren’t your only option, Batman’s rouge gallery alone has dozens of awesome villain costumes for you to pick from.

Cosplay for Sci-fi Geeks

The amazing world of Sci-fi is also a big hit when it comes to cosplay costumes. One of the giants of sci-fi cosplay costumes is of course, the Star Wars series. Star Wars gives everyone a fun opportunity to step into the costumes of a variety of heroes and aliens such as the lovable Wookiee smuggler, Chewbacca! The universe of Star Wars isn't only full of friendly faces though, you can also use the costumes of those involved in the villainous empire, like the armored Stormtroopers or the bounty hunter Boba Fett. In fact, Boba Fett’s costume is so iconic, he remains a fan favorite in the Star Wars fandom despite having minimal screen time in the original films.

Cosplay Your Favorite Video Game Characters

Speaking of sci-fi, it’s almost impossible to go to a cosplay event and not see someone in the armored costume of the Spartans from the Halo series. Video games are also an amazingly popular source of theatrical costumes and cosplay. Become the hero of time with Link’s iconic green tunic from The Legend of Zelda. Deliver justice anywhere in time with the peaked hoods of the assassins from the Assassin's Creed series. Duke it out in the brightly colored costumes of Street Fighter favorite Ken and Ryu. No matter what you pick, you’ll look cool cosplaying your favorite video game characters.

Cosplayers can costume for years and only scratch the surface of creative potential. With the wide variety of popular fandoms and amazing theatrical cosplay costumes, the possibilities are excitingly endless. Getting a head start would be a good idea, so pick up the costume of your favorite character in time for your next convention or costume party and get to cosplaying!