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    Egyptian Costumes
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Egyptian Costumes

The fashion of the Ancient Nile Civilization is still alive today. Egyptian theme parties have grown in popularity and so has the demand for Egyptian Costumes. Rest assured your demands will be met at your favorite Egyptian Costume Retailer.

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Products 1-20 of 52

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 52

Products 1-20 of 52

Egyptian Costumes for All

Here at Wonder Costumes, we have hundreds of Egyptian Costumes and accessories that stay true to Egyptian fashion. Navigate as you explore our inventory filled with Egyptian themed outfits suitable for men, women, and children of all ages. We range from gorgeous costumes of Egyptian goddesses and Queens, to powerful Pharaohs, to even the scariest mummies. We want you to look as great as you should be when you put on our costumes. Feel as powerful as Queen Cleopatra; be as intimidating as King Tut, or as terrifying as the mummies that lurk the pyramids. The next time an Egyptian themed costume party pops up in your area, you won’t be disappointed by our selection of Egyptian costumes.

Fashion of Ancient Egypt

Our Egyptian costumes celebrate the classic fashion of Egypt when Pharaohs ruled the Nile. Ancient Egypt was a land filled with mystery and gorgeous monuments with a rich history. Many stories that come from ancient Egypt are stuff of legends or myths, but what is certainly known, was that at one point, Ancient Egypt was the cradle of modern civilization. It is one of the reasons that Egyptian Costumes remain relevant, even today. When one thinks of Ancient Egypt one often thinks about the great pyramids, the sphinx, the hieroglyphics, as well as their extraordinary attire. Egyptian costumes used in classic videos from songs such as “Walk Like an Egyptian” give you a sense of what an average Egyptian would wear. Most of the time, the men and women of the Nile Valley would dress in loose robes—better known as tunics. In fact, men would wear long silk trousers from their hip and often went shirtless. You can see some examples of these pieces in our Egyptian costumes for men. One of the main accessories that they included in their attire was the usekh collar, which were the large necklaces they wore around their necks. Usually used to help block out the sun, but depending on appearances, the collar could be used to identify which social status you were a part of. A usekh collar will add a touch of authenticity to an Egyptian Costume. Also, depending on their social status, many would wear a headdress to symbolize whether they are guards, priests, or pharaohs. Headdresses are an optional part of an Egyptian costume but it is one that solidifies your look.

Women’s Egyptian costumes are known for their elegance. Women would wear a simple sheath dress that went down to above their ankles and was held by two shoulder straps. The Egyptian women in the higher echelon of their society would wear black braided wigs to represent youth and good health, and they wore shawls around their body. Another reason they would wear wigs was because the heat wouldn't allow their hair to be straight for a long time, so men and women would simply shave it off to save themselves the hassle. Needless to say, wigs are a crucial component of Egyptian costumes. In place of wigs, they sometimes wore headdresses of the gods that were used strictly for ceremonial reasons. Egyptians were also aware of the harmful effects of the heat from the sun, so they would bathe several times throughout the day and probably changed into clean outfits each time. Many elements of Egyptian style were a byproduct of the heat. For example, Egyptian costumes are not complete without make-up, but did you know that eye cosmetics were actually used for more than just fashion? They would use it to help block out the glare from the sun!

Shop Our Egyptian Collection

As previously mentioned, we have an array of Egyptian costumes including Cleopatra outfits, Egyptian priestesses and princesses available for young girls and women. We also have a fair amount of Egyptian costumes for males that include Pharaohs like the great King Tut and Egyptian warrior outfits. When you think of Egyptian costumes, you cannot rule out a mummy! Egyptian mummy outfits make excellent horror costumes for Halloween but not all mummies are scary. There mummy costumes that are adorable for the little ones and even sexy one that will raise king Ramesses from his tomb. We also have plenty of accessories and props to go with your Egyptian costume. Egyptian staffs, bracelets in the shape of snakes, Pharaoh Headdresses, wigs, and even comfortable sandals to wear will complete your costume with proper adornments. No matter what you dress as, you will see the many options in Egyptian outfits that we have to offer you. We have some of the best Egyptian themed costumes for your next party.