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Egyptian Costume Accessories

Egyptians were all about accessorizing so browse our selection of Egyptian Costume Accessories to complete your look! Find Cleopatra wigs, Egyptian Headpieces, arm bands and many more accessories to suit your needs. Great Costume Accessories for special event like school plays, themed parties, conventions, and Halloween.

Egyptians were all about accessorizing! So when you get your Egyptian Costume ready for Halloween or another special occasion, remember that there is no such thing as too much. Go with all the gold you can, an Egyptian outfit is the one disguise that you can exaggerate with jewelry. Add arms bands, headbands, gold chest pieces, wristbands, wigs, and sandals to your costume.

Our headpiece accessories include a variety of wigs and gold and silver head-wear. There are different kinds of Cleopatra wigs, Egyptian themed wigs and even snake headpieces among others. We also have Pharaoh Headpieces. Daggers and staffs are also available to hold in your hand and add power to your imperial look. This is just a few of the many great things we have in our Egyptian Costume Accessories Section.

Remember when choosing your Egyptian Costume Accessories important symbols like the ankh, beetles and snakes. Men and women use to wear sandals, so brown or gold sandals are essential for you Egyptian Halloween Costume.