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Browse this selection of Tights to accessorize any costumes, from a police woman to clown, we have a huge array of stockings, knee highs, tights, fishnet and more to help you achieve your best look ever. Great for Halloween or any other special occasion, dress up day, convention, play or that special party. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options.

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Products 1-20 of 54

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 54

Products 1-20 of 54

Wonder Costumes Presents...Hosiery by Leg Avenue!

Leg Avenue Hosiery Showcase

Sexy Costumes have become one of the main reasons why women of all ages dress up for Halloween. Halloween is often thought of as a celebration for children but adults can have just as much if not more fun than kids on this night. Children are usually limited to trick or treating attending parties rate PG; adults on the other hand have the freedom to wander off into the night and do whatever they like. The “nightlife” is quite busy every Halloween night as nightclubs and bars get crammed with adult and women look for loads of unrated fun. Dance parties and costume contests are a must at adult establishments on Halloween night and the contests usually judge the sexiest women.

One of the key features of Women's Costumes is that they reveal a significant amount of skin and particularly, the legs will most likely be exposed. If you are planning on wearing one of these sexy costumes, it is highly recommended that you dress up your thighs without completely covering up. You can wear any of the different types of stockings available. There are sheer stockings decorated with laced bows, fishnet stockings with “hot pant” undergarments and solid color stockings for a more conservative, yet sexy look.

It is no longer enough to just wear a sexy miniskirt costume. Today, the exposed legs have become a standard look and the best sexy legs are not necessarily the most exposed but the ones that are displayed in the most tasteful way. Accessorize your Halloween Costume with one of these Sexy Thigh Highs and you will improve your chances of winning best Costume this Halloween night.