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Pilgrim Costumes

Some of the proudest events in American History occurred during the early US Pilgrimage when a 17th Century English congregation fled England for the Netherlands in search of religious freedom. The voyage continued for these Pilgrims as they set sail for the West to inhabit the new found lands now known as America. One of these journeys was conducted on the historic ship name the Mayflower which ended up in an area they named Plymouth Rock and the rest is History. Celebrate the most promising expedition that ever any group of people ever embarked in an authentic Pilgrim Costume.

Based on today’s fashion standards, Pilgrim Outfits and Dresses are an antiquated trend, so why is there such a high demand for Pilgrim Costumes every year? It is simply a matter of remembrance and paying homage and respect to the founding fathers of the United States. The group of Pilgrims that sought religious freedom, inadvertently led to the creation of one of History’s greatest superpowers andf they created an ideal society were people could pursue their dreams without persecution. That why the U.S. is often referred to as “the land of opportunity”.

Today, Pilgrim Costumes become extremely popular around Thanksgiving as Americans of all ages celebrate survival of the first winter in the new land. This is a pivotal part of American history because it determined the Pilgrims’ survival in America. Whether you need Pilgrim Clothing for a School Play, Church Event, or Thanksgiving celebration, you will find Traditional Pilgrim Attire and Accessories for the whole family.