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Halloween Costumes


Halloween costumes keep the October tradition alive and Wonder Costumes has the best outfits to offer for the whole family. Regardless of style and taste, we carry Halloween costumes that transform you into anything, from frightening creature to a hilarious goof. Our selection is unbeatable!

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Products 1-20 of 250

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 250

Products 1-20 of 250

A selection of Halloween Costumes

Scary and more! Check our Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes are Terrifyingly Awesome!

Dressing up in Halloween costumes on October 31st is one of the longest standing traditions around the world. Each year, kids and adults dress-up and go trick-or-treating or attend Halloween parties. Halloween has always been centered on finding the perfect costume to wear and impress! Some people go the terrifying route with Halloween costumes that will leave you having nightmares, and some go for classic cute, sexy or fun novelty costumes that are appealing to all eyes. Men and women, boys and girls, whatever your age may be, we assure you: At Wondercostumes.com we have one of the largest selections of Halloween Costumes anywhere on the web!

Halloween’s Scary History!

In the 18th and 19th century, Halloween was perceived to be a night of evil by some, but as diversity grew in the United States, society learned to embrace the harmless holiday and it was slowly implemented into mainstream American traditions. Halloween was very similar to what we celebrate today but more on the spooky side. Children dressed up in scary Halloween costumes which were usually themed after famous monsters and ghouls such as werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc.; but today we have seen a great shift in the type of costumes that are sold at Halloween stores. As mainstream media began to expand, the demand for Halloween costumes centered on fictional characters in books, television and movies began to greatly expand. Costumes such as princesses and knights were among the most popular costumes to cause the shift. Today, superheroes are by far the most popular Halloween costumes since there has been such a sudden surge in comic book-based superhero movies. Halloween tradition is very interesting in that is it is still spooky and the customs have not really changed much over the years, but the costumes have!

Our Spooky Costume Selection

At WonderCostumes.com we take pride in our incredible selection of Halloween themed costumes! With almost 70 pages full of thrilling scary costumes, we have something for all ages and interests! Celebrate Halloween in modern tradition with officially licensed costumes from Hellboy, Ghostbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more films and TV shows! Not so mainstream? We have terrifying classic costumes as well—zombie doctors, witches, vampires, mummies, werewolves and even killer clowns! Whether you’re looking to do a little trick-or-treating or go to a swanky dress-up party, you will find a Halloween costume that is perfect for you in our immense catalog!

Kids Love Halloween Dress-Up

For kids, one of the most anticipated moments all year is dressing up for Halloween and going out to get some candy! Those are memories that kids surely never forget and an awesome Halloween costume would really put the icing on the candy corn! Every kid has something that they are into; whether it be pirates or fairy princesses, these are the magical characters they like to portray in costumes! Some kids just want to go out and give a huge scare to all of their friends, and one of the things we at Wonder Costumes specialize in is scary costumes. They can be the petrifying Grim Reaper, or a blood-thirsty vampire; pretty much anything that sparks their imagination! And of course, we carry the most in-demand kids’ Halloween costumes today. Our superhero, movie and TV show outfits are officially licensed by Marvel, DC, Disney, Warner Bros. and many more production companies! We guarantee—if you are looking to get your child a memorable Halloween costume, we are the best online store to shop!

Get What You Pay For!

When you want to purchase a costume, you want to go through a reputable seller. If it is efficiency you seek, WonderCostumes.com is has mastered it. We pride ourselves on being a very trusted company and guarantee we will give you the best service in the industry. If you have any questions about our Halloween costumes, you can email us at info@wondercostumes.com or call us at 1-800-288-9916. We hope you find the costume you are looking for so you can be the scariest and best dressed among all of your friends this Halloween!