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Day of the Dead Costumes

Day of the Dead is an important holiday to pay respects to those who have passed on. Mostly celebrated by the people of Mexico, but people across the world also partake in it wearing one of these fantastic Halloween Costumes.

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Day of the Dead Costumes

Traditional Day of the Dead costumes and accessories

The Day of the Dead holiday or Dia de los Muertos as it is called in Spanish, can become a costume like event as people dress up in a variety outfits with unique masks, jewelry and sometimes face paint.

To complete all your Day of the Dead holiday needs, we at Wonder Costumes have you covered in all areas. Additionally, the costumes and accessories could also be worn on Halloween.

Some of the traditional costumes for women for example are our Day of the Dead Bride Women’s Costume. It is a great outfit because it represents marriage being forever. It is a very simple but classy wedding dress costume. Skeletons are of course a big thing for the holiday and our Day of the Dead Woman Costume is your classic skeleton outfit that fits most women. The dress has great skeleton detail. With the petticoat, hat and leggings, you cannot go wrong. Get everything in the costume package.

For men, the traditional Day of the Dead Men’s Costume is a great start. Get all you need in a Mr. Skeleton costume that comes with the shirt, jacket and top hat. We have many skeleton masks you can pair it up with. If you want something a little more stylish, then you should go with our Skeleton Pinstripe suit costume. Jacket, pants and top hat are all included.

Day of the Dead is one of those holidays where masks are very symbolic. Some masks are skeleton themed, others are cat themed and then there is everything else in between. The Day of the Dead Woman Cat Mask for example is a stylish feline themed face wear with a painted red rose on the forehead which is very symbolic of the holiday. Flower power is shown in both the Day Of The Dead Skull Flower Women’s Mask and Day Of The Dead Skull Flower Men's Mask.

Additionally, check out our jewelry, makeup and other items to finish off your Day of the Dead look.