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Animal Costumes

Have a wild Halloween in stunning animal costumes. Dress up as your favorite creatures, from domesticated cats and dogs to wild tigers and wolves. Animal are perfect for animal lovers and children who aim to look extra cute to get extra treats!

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Products 1-20 of 188

Pages:Products 1-20 of 188

Products 1-20 of 188

Cute Animal Costumes

Enjoy having a different skin wearing one of these animal costumes!

Forget Being Scary, It’s All About Cuddly Animal Costumes

All the rage every Halloween is how scary one’s costume can be, and while that is Halloween’s main theme, it’s also great add some cuteness to the mix. Here in lies the animal Costumes! Animals are known for being super cute and cuddly; something that translates perfectly to a costume! Here at Wonder Costumes, we have a wide selection of make-your-heart-melt animal costumes. Almost any animal that you can think of is available; we try to bring you the largest possible selection. Animal costumes are especially perfect for young kids to wear on one of their first Halloween. Adults join their in with kid-friendly styles or get wildly sexy for a R rated Halloween party! Perfect for all ages, animal costumes won’t disappoint.

Costumes for Your Little Cubs

It’s not hard to find a costume to match the cuteness of you little ones, but animal costumes are surely one of the best options. Just imagine your toddler, ready for his first Halloween trick or treating tour in dressed as an adorable zebra or a lion. Little animals are absolutely heart-warming! Your little one will be absolutely adorable running around as a tiny mouse or a cute monkey. It’s the reason most entertainment for young kids is usually centered on tiny little cute animals; costumes are no different. Your child’s sweetness will reach new heights in one of our friendly animal costumes!

Animal Cuteness, All Grown Up

Want to join your little one in a cutesy animal costume this Halloween? Adult animal costumes are just as varied as those for kids at Wonder Costumes! We are positive that you’ll find something for any occasion, from a family-friendly Halloween night to a nightclub Halloween bash calling for a little more exposure. Animal costumes for adults can be sexy, funny and even cute. Your significant other will go crazy when they see you in a super sleek, super sexy animal costume. If sexy road isn’t your cup of tea and you want something you can wear around the kids, look no further. We have a huge selection that can make you and your family a whole zoo! Your kids will love to see you dressed up just like them and it will make their Halloween truly a special one. Whatever purpose you are looking to get out of an adult animal costume, you will find it.

Wild Good Times for Any Adventure

For costumed occasions, animal costumes bring out your wild side. Whether it’s Halloween, a school party, office party, or just plain dress up fun, you will have endless fun dressed up as an animal. They are cute, cuddly and easy to wear—and we are absolutely sure that you will love it. So don’t let age be the deciding factor on what kind of costume you buy. Animal costumes can be enjoyed by all!

Animals Come in All Shapes and Sizes

No matter what size you wear we are have animal costumes that will fit you comfortably. Halloween is for everyone, which is why our wide selection of animal outfits comes in ranges from petit to plus sizes. Adult or child, big or small, our selection is sure to please everyone looking to have a fun time dressed as a critter, rodent or beast. Shop animal costumes at WonderCostumes.com, where your wild side resides.