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Horse Costumes

Horses have been a great help to human beings for thousands of years. These amazing mammals are respected and admired for how much they have served humankind throughout history. Besides being companion animals, working animals, and means of transport due to their size and strength, let’s not forget that they have also been used in warfare and therefore, they are regarded as heroic animals as well.

The animal kingdom is full of surprises. For instance, seahorses are fantastic. Found mainly in tropical waters these marine fish have a particular tail that they use to wrap around seaweed. Apparently, some of them are monogamous meaning they have one mate for their entire life. Another really strange fact about seahorses is that it is the male who gets pregnant and then gives birth and not the female.

Honor these fascinating animal species at your next costume party by dressing up as a horse or a seahorse! Here you will find different styles of horse costumes at great prices. The Horse Mascot Costume is perfect for events or parties where kids will be thrilled to see a kind horse giving hugs and kisses.

If you like mythology you will be happy to know that you can find beautiful Unicorn Costumes for babies, girls and women. There are also fun costumes available for boys and girls that will make you look as if you were riding a horse. Join the animal kingdom wearing one of our horse, pony, or unicorn costumes!