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Costume Kits

Accessory Kits for the whole family! Make your costume simple with one of these affordable and easy to wear Halloween Accessory Kits. From Superhero Kits and Ninjas to Disney Princesses, we have all the Accessory Sets you can imagine and beyond!

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Products 1-20 of 127

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 127

Products 1-20 of 127

Many people love buying a costume, but purchasing an outfit with a variety of accessories makes it a little bit more fun. We at Wonder Costumes have a variety of accessory options in our kits section.

For starters, Superheroes are always something on people's minds year round. Perhaps you do not want to wear a full costume, but you are still interested in getting dressed up. Our t-shirt and mask combo kits are a good choice. For example, we have the Marvel Incredible Hulk Costume T-Shirt Kit consisting in a t-shirt and mask set. Just put the t-shirt and mask on and your Superhero Costume is ready to go in a few minutes. We also have Spiderman, Captain America and several options for Ninja Turtles off their popular movies.

Though some kits are Costume Sets, there are also kits that help finish off your costume looks. An example is our 20s Flapper Instant Women’s Kit. Perhaps you would like to complete your Flapper look. With this kit, you get the pearl necklace, toy cigarette holder and headband. Want to be a popular video game character? We have Super Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach sets to finish off those looks from the popular video game. We also have valuable kits for Pirate, Ninja, SWAT and numerous themes.

Finally, sometimes you just need accessories to go along with the costume. If you like Disney Princesses for example, we have shoe sets of three different ones you can purchase. We also have a Ballerina Princess Makeover kit. Perhaps you need something for a masquerade? We have the Steampunk Masquerade Accessory Kit, a great option for a special occasion.

The above is just a small selection of a variety of exciting Halloween Accessory Kits for the Whole Family we have in our Kit section. Look around and find things for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Babies.