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    Hippie Costumes
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Hippie Costumes

The Age of Aquarius is here and you will be ready to let the sun shine in with these groovy Hippie Costumes. Bring back the days of peace, love and Happiness.

Hippie Costumes

Selection of 1960s Costumes for kids and adults

The youth movement of the 60’s created a style characterized by loose flowing clothing, denim, colorful dye and the iconic flower motif. There are so many different styles to choose from when you choose your Halloween Costume. Long flowing dresses and bell bottom styles are far out as Adult or Teen Costumes. If you are planning to party like Woodstock, a mini dress in bright paisley or psychedelic flower print and some Go Go Boots will be just the Sexy Costume you need. Men Costumes including fringed vests, tunics and bell bottom pants will make you one groovy dude, man. Hippie Costumes are fun and easy for everyone; just find a Costume Accessories like a Tie Dye Shirt, Red Dashiki Shirt, or Peace Sign Hoodie and pair it with jeans and some hip round frame glasses and you’ll be good to go!

The swinging 60's are back again, as if they've never been gone! It's all peace and love for this year’s Halloween Costumes and we has the look you need to be part of the movement. Are you looking or a Mens Costume that screams "laid back?" Look no further. We have Hippie Costumes that will make you look like the grooviest dude at Woodstock. Check out our Hippie Dude Costume for psychedelic style, Reggae Man Costume for a laid back look or our 60's Swinger look for a blockbuster Movie Costume. Need a Women’s Costume to go with your Hippie Dude? You can find a short, short skirt to show off your gorgeous gams in a Funky Mod Hippie Costume or Hippie Chick Dress, or get in touch with your inner earth mother goddess with the Flower Kids Costume or the Woodstock Girl Costume, perfect for mellowing out and listening to Bob Dylan and Jimmie Hendrix.

These costumes have the tie dye and op art motifs that made the style of the 60's legendary. You can even mix and match 60's Costume separates! We have great Adult Costume separates like our Patchwork shirt, Bell Bottoms Costumes, Hippie Tunics, and Hippie Fringed Vests. Got some little Peace warrior dressing up in Halloween Costumes? We've got tons of Kids Costumes that will make them look the part. Check out our Feeling Groovy Kids and Toddler Costume, Sunshine Dreamer Costume and Flower Hippie Costume. Teens won't be missing out either. The youth movement was the energy that made the 60's move and your high-schooler can feel the beat with our awesome Dancing Queen Costume, Groovy Hippie Costume, and our Mod Girl Costume. From the hard partying mod’s to the free spirited Hippies we have 60's Costumes that will help you feel the groove of the funkiest era in American History.