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Goddess Costumes

Golden Goddess Costume

An all time favorite

What if God is a woman? Give the eternal question some closure with one of these tantalizing Goddess Costumes that will have your party guests dashing for the nearest temple! Grecian, Roman, Egyptian, Arthurian- the choice is yours when it comes to unleashing your inner divinity.

Ancient civilizations believed in a pantheon of deities, and some of the most revered (and feared) higher beings were regarded as female. Isis, Athena, Venus, Kali, Queen Maeb...these are just a few of the ancient world's most popular goddesses. The archetype of the Goddess still endures to this day as a symbol of female empowerment, strength, and sensuality. So why not adorn your heavenly body in a Sexy Grecian Goddess Adult Costume? Become the patroness of heroes and poets in an Athena Goddess Adult Costume, paired with a Gold Leaf Adult Headpiece that will leave your worshippers (or party guests!) with nothing but the words "Oh my goddess..." hanging on their breath. Become a woodland deity straight out of the tales of King Arthur with a Serpentine Goddess Costume - just one look can turn a man into stone!

The most famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII, was believed by her priests and subjects to be the living incarnation of the goddess Isis - and you can experience the magic, too, with our extravagant Cleopatra Adult Costume. Whatever your choice, the spirit of the ancient legends live on in your homage to the goddesses we so know and love from all of our favorite movies, televisions series, novels, and even comic books!