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Witch Costumes

Witch costumes can be elegant, sexy, funny, scary or just plain classic Halloween outfits. WonderCostumes.com has every style for every taste. Shop our Halloween collection that features popular witch dresses from classic movies and generic versions that are still as appealing. Great witch costume selection at spooky low prices.

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Products 1-20 of 123

Witch Costume Ideas

Check out our Witch Costumes and Accessories for Halloween and special costume events

It Doesn’t Get More Classic Than a Witch Costume

Witch costumes are about as classic as it gets for Halloween. Since the dawn of Halloween, people have been dressing up as witches--a trend does not seem to fade. The witch costume is so popular because it has so many different dimensions. On one hand, you have a costume that could be really scary but can also be extremely cute sexy, funny, whatever. It’s hard to find a costume that has so much versatility and still maintains a classic theme. At Wonder Costumes, we have witch outfits and accessories from glamorous to comedic. Whether you’re trying to dress your kids up as super cute witches, or you are dressing to impress this year at the Halloween party, we have you covered!

Witch Costumes for Girls

Not every little girls wants to be a Disney princess. Witch costumes are an excellent option for girls who don;t want to be the cliched fairy tale damsel for Halloween. No matter what age she may be, your little darling will look absolutely adorable in a witch costume. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you can easily find something that works for your girl. Find witch costumes in her favorite color or her favorite stories. We have witch dresses from tales like the Wizard of Oz or even the witches from the in same fairy tales that tout princesses. Witch costumes work so great for kids because while they can be scary, they won’t be absolutely terrifying to the point of shocking other kids. Witch costumes are an easy choice and comfortable to wear for the most part. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to kids costumes and Witch costumes definitely fill those needs.

Witch Costumes Are Perfect For Halloween!

If there is a costume that can perfectly describe what Halloween is all about, it’s a witch costume. The witch is certainly a classic, and at Wonder Costumes, we like to keep up with tradition. Everywhere you look you will see witches during Halloween time--in decorations, movies, television, costumes, and even candy. Witches are scary yet fun, and definitely fit right in with the Halloween spirit of getting candy, pulling pranks and the occasional scare. Witch costumes are perfect for not only Halloween but any creepy occasion that calls for a costume. While you may encounter many other witches on Halloween, each costume can be unique enough that it doesn’t even matter. Combine a witch costume with classic accessory and you could have one of the hit costume of the year!

Sexy Witches

Some women love Halloween because it allows them to be overly sexy without harsh criticism. Witch costumes are a perfect way to express your love for Halloween and your desire to shine for your stunning looks. Look through our huge selection of adult witch costumes and find something that works for you. Sexy costumes to show some skin are nothing new to Halloweeners but sexy witch costumes always awe and amaze admirers. Show jaw-dropping styles that make you hotter than hot any day of the year.

Witch Costumes Do Not Disappoint

Witches come in different shapes and sizes, which is why we hold an expansive inventory to cover everyone’s sizing needs and styles. With our wide selection of witch costumes, we are confident that you will find yourself brewing good looks this coming Halloween!