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  • 1920s Costumes
    1920s Costumes

1920s Costumes

1920s costumes celebrate the age of jazz, flappers and mobsters; Wonder Costumes is the place to get outfitted from head to toe in classic 20s outfits that never seem to expire. The Great Gatsby brought back the popularity of the decade and ‘20s costume parties are now more popular than ever. Shop 1920s for your next costumed event or Halloween extravaganza.

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Products 1-20 of 45

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 45

Products 1-20 of 45

Roaring 20s Costumes and Accessories

A guide for adults and kids attending a 1920s themed event

These Costumes Take It Back to The 1920s!

There is a certain love that people have for past eras, and when it comes to the 1920s, that love is a passion! The era filled with extravagant parties, ruthless gangsters, flapper girls, and essentially, some of the most dapper individuals to have ever lived make for some of the most popular costumes around. Everyone has such an intoxicating relationship with the 1920s. While times weren’t exactly the greatest, the style of was extremely unique and it is one that hasn’t been seen since. Whether it be a Halloween party, a throwback jam, or if you’re just trying to dress up as a vintage character, our selection of 1920s costumes can help you! Here at WonderCostumes.com we have decade costumes that will transport you to the "roarin' 20s."

Have Yourself a Grown-up 1920s Party

20s Costumes are quite popular among adults, which is why we feature some of the most elegant 1920s fashion for men and women. Show up in 20s themed attire at your next Halloween party—sexy flapper, burlesque dancers, and stereotypical mobster-type character that people love to dress as. The folks at your office party will certainly welcome you as a sexy gangster, or a Charleston flapper and you will no doubt be "all the rage." There is no denying that the 1920s had some of the sexiest costumes from classic decades of the 20th century. If you want to look sexy for your significant other in a snazzy costume, you definitely have the ability to do so with our beautiful flapper dresses. Check them all out here!

Dress As An Early 1920s Mobster!

During the time of prohibition, organized crime began to have a huge surge which led to the formation of mobs. People seem to have this infatuation with the early mobster criminal, so a gangster outfit is easily one of the most popular costumes around. Everything from the dapper suit, the classy fedora hat, and the tommy gun make for a pretty entertaining costume that mobster movie buffs love! It has always been a 20s favorite, especially for theme parties. Imagine walking into a costume party with a chic flapper by your side while you don a pinstripe suit! It is one of the safest and most well known looks around, so you know you can’t go wrong! Partner one of these awesome gangster outfits with a stylish accessory from the time period to make for a perfect 1920s costume!

Dress Like You’re Straight Out Of The Great Gatsby!

The Great Gatsby is one of the most beloved books and film franchises ever. People not only fell in love the characters, but they love the era just as much. At a time of great economic downturn, people still found ways to have a great time with huge, elaborate parties where they dressed in flashy gowns and dapper suits. Burlesque dancers all over the place and flapper girls having a ball on the dance floor were quite common sights at the squares. This is the perfect decade to get a costume for because there really is something for everyone who is looking to dress in style and have fun like it was 1920.

Great Selection of 1920s Costumes

With hundreds of products available on the site, we are sure that you will find a costume that works for you! We have a wide range of sizes that cover all ages! We are sure that you will not be disappointed in any of our classic 1920s designs. If you have any questions for us here at WonderCostumes.com you can call us at 1-800-288-9916 or E-Mail us at info@wondercostumes.com.