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Animal masks

You don't have to buy a full Costume to wear a great Costume, sometimes all you need is a Mask and some creativity. Animal Masks are some of the easiest to accessorize and turn into a cool Costume. If you don't have tome to improvise the rest, it's ok, a mask alone can still get tons of laughs.

    • Pug Mask

      Pug Mask

      $ 25.33

Disguise yourself in one of many animal masks. These masks will help out if you're in a pinch and need a little something instead of an entire costume. They're also great if you're looking for a specific animal.

For cat lovers, we have several masks that come in a range of fabrics and styles. From simple and cute to detailed and glamorous, these kitty masks will have you purring. Most of these masks are $10 and under. See our array of cat masquerade masks in shiny sequined colors like gold, silver, red and black as well as feathered. You can also find multicolored ones, ideal for Mardi Gras. We also carry animal masks in soft, comfortable, plush fabrics in fun animals like: Dalmatians, tigers, cows, bunnies, cats, lions and bears. These masks are great for school plays, dress up time and birthday parties. We also think they make amusing gifts and you can even find scary monsters masks, like the cyclop masks and the most bizarre and eerie vampire-bat, werewolf, and predator masks. Browse the selection of comical masks, like one of the Cat in the Hat, Shrek Donkey mask and Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion mask.