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Monkey Costumes

You can be the missing link in evolution this Halloween. Check this assortment of Monkey Costumes and find the perfect Gorilla Costume or Chimp Outfit for you! An Ape Costume will get you ready for that convention, school play, the circus, Halloween, a themed party or any other occasion.

Monkeys are fascinating creatures. They are completely wild yet their behaviors and features resemble humans in many ways. Are these apes our ancestors? Nobody knows for sure, all that we know is that there is a missing link in evolution and that missing link can be you this Halloween.

Monkeys and gorillas are the most popular apes thanks to the role they have played historically in circuses, movies and children’s stories. Apes are very intelligent creatures; aside from their acrobatic abilities they have been taught how communicate with humans through sign language and how to act in different scenarios. This is why they are so popular in film. Classic movies such as King Kong and Planet of the Apes portray apes as emotional creatures capable of adapting to human experiences and on the other hand, humans are the ones that become deathly afraid of the apes and reject them out of fear of their dominance. We know that monkeys can learn to act like humans but can you learn to act like a monkey?

Try one of these Monkey or Gorilla Costumes this Halloween and test your human abilities. Dress up as a famous movie ape or as a hilarious tourist chimp. Ever heard the phrase: “Monkey See, Monkey Do”? If you have a family, you can dress them up in matching Monkey Costumes and you will give new meaning to this popular phrase. Human babies and apes are two of the most adorable sights and they are a perfect pairing on Halloween. Dress your little one as a Baby Monkey and prepare for a night of smiles.