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Penguin Costumes

Penguins are happy, lovable creatures, so why not dress up like one? Get ready to waddle with webbed feet and move your flippers in fun ways as you swim through this huge selection of baby, kids and adult Penguin Costumes. Imitate the Emperor Penguin, the biggest of the species by wearing one of these Penguin Adult Costumes. You can wrap baby up in a Penguin Baby Bunting Costume and match the whole family as the tight knit group that penguins are. The closeness among penguin colonies is admirable and maybe even envied by other species (humans).

Happy Feet is a great example of how much humans admire these loving creatures. The movie portrayed penguins as having human-like emotions and goals but the reality is that they are not too far from it. Just watch the March of the Penguins and you will see a more realistic side of the struggles these animals endure and how they overcome them. Both of these have made penguin portrayed penguins in a positive light and it is difficult to do the opposite. The closest character to turn penguins into anything evil is the Penguin from the Batman comics.

Dress up as the Villain from Batman or choose the Penguin Mascot Costume. Kids will have absolute icy blast acting like the characters of the beloved movies Happy Feet, Madagascar, Surf’s Up, Mr. Popper’s Penguins and March of the Penguins. Recently, penguins have been everywhere but inside their igloos. This Halloween or Birthday Party make penguins your theme and start dancing, tobogganing and joking just like they do.