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Giraffe Costumes

Find the most complete group of Giraffe Costumes. Most Animal Costumes feature zippered jumpsuits with attached character hoodies. Available in all sizes and perfectly conformable for any age, Giraffe Costumes and Accessory Kits can be your next addition to a zoo visit, Halloween or any costume party.

Giraffe Costumes: Animal Costumes are always lots of fun for both kids and adults and the Giraffe Costume is always a popular option. You’ll look like a true Zoo Animal dressed up in the giraffe’s distinct spotted print, long neck and cute little ears. You can shop for an adorable selection of Giraffe Costumes for babies, toddlers, kids and adults.

In Zoos worldwide, the giraffe is one of the most popular attractions. They usually draw large crowds and at some zoos the staff even allows people to hand feed and pet these adorable giants. That may be six or more times your size but their kind and gentle qualities are reminiscent of a tame, sweet pooch. The giraffe is especially popular among kids because of this; even companies like Toys ‘R’ Us have taken advantage of this by making the giraffe the official store mascot. The costume industry is no different, kids love dressing up as one of their favorite zoo animals. If you need to dress up as a Zoo animal, this gentle giant is definitely recommended.

Most of the costumes feature zippered jumpsuits with attached character hoodies. This makes the costumes easier to wear and more realistic than a simple mask. You can also accessorize your own outfit with a Giraffe Ears and Tail Set. Giraffes are always popping up everywhere in kids movies, such as Melman in Madagascar and in Lion King, and Geoffrey the Giraffe is the symbol of Toys R’ Us. If your party’s theme is the African Savanna, Safari or Zoo, a Giraffe Costume will be the perfect choice.