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  • Ghost Costumes
    Ghost Costumes
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Ghost Costumes

Ghosts are some of the spookiest Halloween characters. Explore the mystic world of the afterlife with a scary Ghost Costume that will give you the chills. Whether you are fascinated with the paranormal or simply want to give your friends a goods scare, Ghost Outfits are sure to meet your needs.

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Ghost Makeup Tips & Tricks

See the steps to complete your makevoer to create the ultimate effect of Ghost.

Looking for something more elaborate and believable than your grandmother’s white sheets for a ghost? Then you are at the right pace! We have for you a ghastly and creative selection of ghosts and related Ghost Halloween Costumes, props and accessories that will scare, daunt and make you laugh. Find everything from a Ghostship pirate, Ghost Rider costume, and sexy Ghostbuster outfits, to Gossamer Ghosts, Halloween ghost, Ghostly Lady and Gentleman. Take your pick and summon the spirits!

Ghosts haunt Halloween parties they’re invited to. Whether you dress up in a Classic Ghost Adult outfit with the jagged-edge, white sheet with cut out eyes or the more elaborate Ghost Stories King Louis XIV attire that looks as if he just got off the 1700’s time travel machine, spooking people this Halloween is guaranteed. If you’re creative enough, you can literally take any regular sheet and make it a DIY Ghost Costume with white and gray palettes in makeup, hair and fabrics. There is so much in the Ghost theme that your imagination will be working over-time and out of this world.

If your kids want to give their friends a good scare on Halloween, Ghost Outfits are the way to go. The scariest thing about ghosts is that they are intangible beings that no one can defend from. They haunt those who least expect it and can follow you to any hiding place. Their presence alone is enough to shock you into uncontrolled hysteria. Don’t be Casper the Friendly Ghost, Halloween is meant to be a frightening night and you have found the best Ghost attire for Kids. The old blanket with cut out holes home made costume is no longer enough to deliver the strong dosage kids would like to create among their friends.