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Pharaoh Costumes

Become Egyptian royalty wearing a stunning Pharaoh costume. You too can look and feel as majestic as some of the most iconic Emperors in history. The great Kings and Queens of Egypt left a lasting legacy in our world history that will always be cherished. For many years, Egypt commanded as the world’s top superpower, leaving behind historic monuments and a unique blueprint for post-Egyptian civilizations to follow. Today, we remember Ancient Egypt through literature, theater, movies and art.

You will find that one of the most creative ways to remember the Egyptian Dynasty is by dressing up in elaborate Costumes from this romanticized era. Egyptians are considered early fashionistas, so it is only right to celebrate Egypt in style. Whether you are attending a theme party as King Tut, trick-or-treating as Alexander the Great or playing the role of Cleopatra in the next school play, you can explore an impressive selection of Pharaoh Costumes to make sure you are Royalty at your event. You will find some of the most important figures represented in our catalog so you can re-live the ancient times and look great doing it.

We only carry legitimate Egyptian Costumes and accessories. You will be sure to stay true to tradition and turn back the hands of time to the days when hieroglyphics was the common written language and Pyramids were more than just a part of a sightseeing tour. Browse this unique selection of Pharaoh Costumes and accessories and find your perfect look; rest assured that you will impress the crowds with one of these Egyptian Outfits.