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Mummy Costumes

Through your Mummy Costume, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens come alive! Browse this collection of Mummy Costume and go back in time to ancient Egypt. Select from the sexy to the scary and dress up as the best of the dead for Halloween, special events, conventions, and more. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options.

Mummy Costumes for the entire family

A selection of amazing Mummy Costumes

Someone great to wrap up this Halloween is you: Travel back to Egypt and dress as a mummy. This classic Egyptian Halloween Costume remains one of the most popular and has gone through many style design changes. People like it because it is mysterious, historical, spooky and at times very funny and provocative. It’s the Egyptian version of ghosts, much like the other versions of ghosts, the Pirate, Bride and Groom or Zombie Ghosts. Mummy Costumes have their own unique components with which you can play fabric-wise as well as with a variety of specific Mummy Accessories. You can incorporate matching wigs, head wraps, hair ties, makeup, white armbands, matching white draped boot covers, distressed fishnet tights, matching ripped rag stockings and sandals to make your Walking Pharaoh Costume more believable.

For children and grown-ups, you will find Mummy Costumes made up of basically ivory (or gray/black or sand colored), gauzy, tattered, layered wraps and bandages for jumpsuits or hooded robes, as well as dress styles with tattered strips of fabric and lace. Oftentimes, extra gauze wrap is recommended to create your own personal look. The goal is to look as if you just emerged from a creepy Egyptian crypt, fresh out of the pyramids. Add a dark touch to your Egyptian Costume theme by using the right makeup, mummy wrap embellishments and draped neck wrapped intertwined with your ancient, Egyptian scarab-beetle, jeweled necklaces. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh families will look gorgeous having recently come out of their tombs and shaken off so much dust. Through your Mummy Costume, this character is alive and ready to have some fun (after all these years). Mummies have never looked this good in these ripped and uneven-hemmed garments. Everyone can have fun dancing to “Walk like an Egyptian” while wearing Mummy Costumes, and adults can have fun wrapping and unwrapping themselves. This year get all wrapped up into great Halloween fun!