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Baby Clown Costumes

Our collection of Clown Costumes is perfect for a baby's birthday party, a day out to the circus, a cute photo portrait and of course for Halloween! All eyes will be on your little baby clown. Choose from thousands of styles featuring colorful clown dresses, jumpsuits, pants, shirts, hats and many more Clown accessories. Enjoy secure shopping with guaranteed delivery dates.

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Many youngsters dream of the day they get to go to the circus. Whether it is the cotton candy, popcorn or more specifically the clowns, it is a larger than life experience. Many boys and girls find clowns to be fun, colorful and enjoyable. If they want to be a clown, we have a wide variety of costumes for both baby genders.

First for the Boys, we have an assortment of colors and prints with very unique hats. One costume in particular, the Clown Baby Boy Costume has a yellow top hat with a blue flower pattern. The costume has a blue, red, yellow and green mix. We also have a more traditional clown costume in the Spanky Stripes Clown Baby Costume. It has a cone shaped hat.

Second, our selection of Girls outfits is diverse. Each style is different from the next. For example, the Dottie The Clown Toddler Girls Costume featuring a white dress with tons of rainbow color polka dots painted all over. Another option is the Lolli The Clown Toddler Costume consisting of a cute green dress with orange polka dots.

Costumes are great for the Circus, Halloween or any other occasion. Our Baby Clown costumes are available in infant and toddler sizes. Make your babies clown dream come true by purchasing a Baby Clown Costume from this amazing collection!