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Kids Clown Costumes

Visit us for a colorful array of Clown Costumes. From Spanky Stripped Clown Costumes to vibrant wigs, umbrellas and stockings, we have all you need to become the perfect Clown. We can help you to find a Clown outfit that will be an embodiment of happiness and fun. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and fast shipping options.

It is arguably one of the most common costumes still going today. But the clown outfit is still an item many people buy and wear. We have a variety of Clown Costumes for boys and girls that are perfect for any occasion. If your youngster has gone to the circus, they have seen clowns with painted white faces wearing a variety of colors and wild hairstyles. Perhaps that experience inspired them to want to be a clown.

For boys, we have a variety of Funny Costumes that start from as low as $12. We have a wide assortment of multicolored prints. Some are rainbow colored style, while others are a solid print with a certain pattern. Beyond your general circus like outfits, we also have a variety of not so nice costumes. Our assortment of Scary Costumes includes outfits of clowns who are psychos, jokers and killers. Those costumes all have their unique style that brings out true fear when you look at them.

For girls, our inventory of Clown disguises is bright, fun and festive. They start as low as $17. We have a wide ranging set of styles and prints. Some of the prints are rainbow styled, while others are working with two colors including green and orange and purple and white designs.

Finally, our Clown Accessories for your boy and girl include a variety of items. We have you covered on clown wigs, bow ties and glasses to finish off that costume for your youngster.

At Wonder Costumes, will get him or her ready for the circus, Halloween, a clown party or any other occasion where white painted faced men and women make their presence.