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  •  Camouflage Skin Suit Kids Costume

Camouflage Skin Suit Kids Costume

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Blend into your surroundings with ease!


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Camouflage Skin Suit Kids Costume

Due to the recent trend and immense popularity of Costume Skin Suits, we're committed to bringing you the best and brightest! That's what we've got here with this this Camouflage Skin Suit Kids Costume. This versatile bodysuit allows you to effortlessly morph into your surroundings and stalk your prey with ease! The tradition of Skin Suits, or "Zentai" goes all the way back to Japan, where the name literally means "full-body stocking". Nowadays, Skin Suits have become an international phenomenon; popularized by Cosplayers, Football Fanatics, Dance Troupes, and social experiments. You can style your individual Skin Suit over a dozen different ways, or just wear it as it is! Give it a try today!

This Camouflage Skin Suit Kids Costume is available in a Child Standard One-Size. Fits most. Unisex.

Order package includes: A child-size camouflage skin suit with attached face, feet, and hands.

Stretchy and made out of a polyester/lycra fabric blend.

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