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Candy Costumes

This compilation of Candy Costumes will certainly give you a sweet tooth! Select one of the Candy outfits and make sure to be the hit of the party. Find Sweet outfits for the entire family, enjoy group dress up and endless possibilities for your costume needs.

The English word "candy" derives from Arabic "qandi," meaning something made with sugar. Candy first originated in ancient times when people snacked on honey right out of bee hives. The very first candy confections consisted of rolled oats and honey has come.

In 1941, a man by the name of Frank Mars Sr. introduced us to what would be the all-time best selling candy in the world, M&M's. Frank Mars Sr. invented these after seeing Spanish Civil War soldiers consuming chocolate pellets that were enclosed by a sugar coating to prevent it from melting in the hot sun. Immediately he got a patent and began production in a factory in Newark, New Jersey. M&M's imprinted with an "M" made of vegetable dye, were first sold to the public in slender, cardboard tubes. In the late 1940's (1948) the tubes were discontinued in place of the brown plastic pouch (still used today). In the mid 50's Mars would expand on the milk chocolate M&M's and add the M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies. This would also mark the first year they would market the candies with their famous slogan "the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand". From 1941 -1969, each package contained M&M's in five different colors. The reintroduction of the "Red" ones in 1987 brought that number to six colors. In 1995 Blue M&M's replaced the Tan ones in a consumer contest. M&M's are sold in as many as 100 countries.

This compilation of candy costumes will certainly give you a sweet tooth! With so many styles to choose from, which will you will select as the perfect treat? Our candy-related products include wigs, shoes, costume accessories and costumes for kids, adults and babies. Choose an amusing Blue M&M's Blue Poncho Costume or dress up in a sassy Candy Corn Sexy Witch costume with matching Candy Corn Heels. Try your hand at fun with a Sweet Katy Perry Candy Costume or a tasty Charms Blow Pop Dress Costume.