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Nerd Costumes

Nerds; everybody knows at least one and if you don’t, that nerd may be you. Nerds are portrayed as book smart geeks, highly interested in academic subjects revolving around science and math but in reality, most people use the word to refer to anyone that has a particular obsession with anything. You can be a video game nerd, a movie nerd, a sports nerd or a computer nerd. Interestingly, not all of these types of nerds perpetuate the stereotype of the classic Steve Urkel type of nerd that most people are familiar with; can you imagine such quirky characters everywhere you go?

Classic nerds are known to behave in an unusual manner but what really sets them aside is a very unique wardrobe. The stereotypical nerd will often wear collared shirts tucked into their pants which are usually held up above the belly button by suspenders. Nerds are not know for their fashion sense so they are indifferent to the fact that their socks constantly show from the ankles down or that the choice of colors don’t match or combine well with the rest of their outfit. These nerds usually accessorize their wardrobe with bowties, pocket protectors to ensure their pens won’t ruin their shirts and they tend to have bad vision so they wear thick goggle glasses. Hair style is also not a main concern for nerds so a simple comb-over-with-a-part gone wrong is usually the way to got. The bad hair is probably attributed to the bad vision. This version of the nerd is very extreme but these are the ones that provide comedic relief.

Become a nerd this Halloween and dress as the most clichéd nerd to walk the earth, you can definitely pull this off by shopping for some of the most popular Nerd Costumes and accessories.