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  • Priest Costumes
    Priest Costumes

Priest Costumes

Find Priest Costumes for every occasion. Sometimes these Costumes are meant to get a good laugh out of your friends but these Priest Costumes are not all comedic. If you are performing in a play or need wardrobe for a Movie that features a priest, you have stumbled upon a magnificent selection that will have everyone calling you Father.

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Priest costumes are often associated with humor, not because the outfits are funny but because of the shock factor. Religious costumes don’t necessarily poke fun at religion but it is more about the irony of a common person dressed up as a figure that represents sanctity. If you like to shock and make people laugh and like to go a little bit beyond common comfort to do so, this selection of priest costumes is probably ideal for you.

Priest costumes are usually used in a joking manner but who says it has to be all about humor. There is not much variation between an actual priest robe and one of these costumes, which is why they make great theater wardrobe costumes. Priests have historically been a part of some of the world’s most popular works of literature and theater and you have the option of wearing some of the most traditional priesthood costumes. You can dress up as the Pope, wear a traditional Catholic priest robe or a priest shirt with a white inner collar, a monk and even a rabbi. If you want to go the creepy route and get a priest costume that will be sure to scare, try one of the zombie priest, gothic priest or the phantom priest costumes.