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Caveman Costumes

Dress up like a Neanderthal and grunt through town this Halloween! We offer several options from classic TV show Costumes like The Flintstones to modern looking cave-woman and caveman outfits. Wearing one of these outfits, you will ready get you ready for that convention, play, Halloween, a themed party or any other occasion

Journey back in time to a primitive world where wild men wielded clubs, hunted their dinners with man made weapons and dwelt in caves with their families! Cavemen and woman are often depicted wearing animal skin as clothes and bones and teeth as adornments. They were natural hunters with superb survival skills that left little to waste. After killing the animal they would later eat, the cavemen would skin them and use their hide as clothing (which provided the tribe with protection and warmth). As time went on they became more skilled and learned how to weave plant fibers into the skin as well as dye and treat them so they would be feeling softer and smooth on their skin.

Dress up like a Neanderthal and grunt through town this Halloween! There are several styles to choose from whether you want to be caveman or woman. We have prehistoric costumes to fit most any personality. For Women and Teens we offer outfits from cute to sexy. We also carry The Flintstones products for those of you who are a fan of Hannah Barbara's "modern stone age family" from Bedrock. These outfits are a fun idea for couples and group costumes. Be sure to check out our accessories to complete your primal look. A club and some hairy boots will do the job!

Want to get your pooch in on the fun? We carry a Cave Woman Pet Costume that is hilarious.