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Marie Antoinette Costumes

Marie Antoinette is a major historical figure since she was the last queen France had. She was born as Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna in Vienna, Austria in an aristocratic family. At the time the relationships among countries could be amended by arranging weddings between members of royal families and since Austria and France were not in such good terms after the Seven Years’ War, the empress of Austria, who was Marie Antoinette’s mother, thought it was convenient to effectuate the marriage between her daughter and the son of the French royal family. After the negotiations between the families, in 1770, Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste got married and four years later he became Louis XVI king of France and consequently Marie Antoinette became queen.

In general, the French people disliked Marie Antoinette and accused her of being promiscuous and immoral and they gave her the nickname of Madame Deficit since France was going through an economic turmoil. French people were very disappointed of their king and queen and they were tired of the whole situation which eventually led to the French Revolution and to a new beginning for France.

Marie Antoinette is still remembered for all the controversy she caused and since then she has been a popular character in books and movies. Browsing our wide selection of Marie Antoinette costumes, you will find all kinds of dresses including modern outfits such as the Vixen of Versailles Costume or the Passionate Princess Costume that you can pair with any of the Marie Antoinette Adult Wigs available in different colors. If you want to show your friends the gothic side of your personality you can wear the Ghost Stories Marie Antoinette costume and wig. Go back in history and enjoy being a queen for a night. Celebrate history! Vive la France!