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Medusa Costumes

Go back to Ancient Greece by purchasing an affordable Medusa Costume! Medusa is an important character in the Greek mythology and it is a great costume idea if you have a Greek themed party to go to. There are different versions about the story of Medusa but yet, all of them agree in that she was once a very beautiful maiden that was transformed into an ugly creature as a punishment. The stories differ in the reason why Medusa was punished by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Some stories say that Medusa made Athena jealous since Poseidon, who was the lord of the sea, was attracted to her and decided to seduce her inside Athena’s temple. Consequently Athena decided to punish Medusa by casting a horrible spell on her that transformed the stunning lady into an ugly creature with snakes on her head. Medusa became so ugly that she would turn the people she looked at into stone. Other versions narrate how Medusa was so selfish and arrogant as she only spoke about her radiant beauty. As a way to penalize Medusa for being so shallow, Athena, decided to punish her as she did not see that there was more to life than just superficial beauty.

Find Medusa costumes in different styles at great prices. The Medusa Snaked Again Costume will do it if you are looking for a modern outfit. If you want to wear a more classic version of Medusa, check out the Green Medusa Adult Costume! Girls can also become part of the fascinating Greek mythology by selecting the beautiful Medusa Girl Costume!