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Viking Costumes

Vikings have a bit of a nasty reputation for having been savage, dirty, war-mongering seafarers - sometimes even rumored to have drunk Ale from a cup fashioned out of their enemies' skulls! These descriptions were oftentimes exaggerated by their Anglo-Saxon enemies, as Vikings laid claim to some of the most crucial accomplishments of the Middle Ages.

Leif Ericson and his crew were the first Europeans in history to land in North America, centuries before Christopher Columbus. Due to the prevalence of Anglo-Saxon culture and attitudes amongst European social circles and scholars, Vikings were largely only remembered for their rugged appearances and lifestyle, till about the 19th century when German composer Richard Wagner wrote a cycle of highly-successful operas based on the old Viking saga of the cursed Rheingold ring. Afterwards, Vikings experienced a resurgence as romantic, "noble savage" characters in numerous works of art and fiction. Nowadays, we normally think about American Football and Marvel Comics Superheroes when we hear the word "Viking"!

Be a feisty barbarian babe this Halloween or support your favorite Football team by dressing in a Viking Vixen Sexy Adult Costume - sword and long-ship not included! A Viking Helmet Adult Hat Deluxe is perfect for rousing the crowds at your next Costume Theme Party or Sporting Event. Baby also deserves some dress-up fun, with a Viking Baby Costume complete with an adorable red beard! Viking Costumes are a fun and lively way to honor your Scandinavian heritage, too - wear one to your next Cultural Dress-Up Day or Parade Event! Pour yourself a tall pint of Mead and brandish your sword with pride in a Viking Costume!