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Caesar Costumes

Rule over your next Halloween Celebration with an iron fist in a Caesar Costume! Browse this selection of Roman Costumes and find your perfect emperor Caesar Costume. Enjoy fast shipping options and a secure shopping experience.

Rule over your next Halloween Celebration with an iron fist in a Caesar Costume! Originally destined to become the High Priest of Jupiter, Gaius Julius Caesar was stripped of his inheritance and priesthood by his father's political rivals, and instead went on to become a ruthless general and adept politician.

Caesar seized control of the democratically-run Roman Republic and established himself as absolute ruler. After assuming control of government, Caesar set out to establish a program of social and political reforms, including the creation of the Julian calendar. Caesar was well-known for his numerous military campaigns across Europe and Asia and his heart-felt love affair with Cleopatra VII of Egypt (who's reign he consequently enabled), and unavoidably, his almost romantic assassination at the hands of his senators and closest allies. After his death, he was "deified" by his subjects and subsequent successors to the Roman throne bore the title of "Caesar" as an homage to the first Emperor of Rome.

Have a blast from the past at your next Halloween or Toga Party with a Caesar Costume Deluxe Adult Costume and accessorize with a Brown Caesar Adult Wig! Caesar Adult Plus Size Costumes are available for bigger and better fun! Pair off any Caesar Costume with a Roman Empress Costume or Cleopatra Costume for a ravishing Couples Costume Idea! Have fun noshing on the Empire's finest wine and grapes and dancing the night away to a lyrical tune. However, while wearing your Caesar Costume, it is highly suggested that you beware the Ides of March, and you should probably keep your eye on any friends who happen to be called Brutus!