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Swashbuckler Costumes

Swashbucklers, known as Pirates now a days were anything but, when the term originated. Around the mid 1500's a Swashbuckler was the term used for a hooligan or a bully. They were usually so-so swordsmen with big braggart personalities, in other words, a loud mouth jerk with sloppy sword skills.

It wasn't until adventure- romance novels depicting daring, suave pirates known as "Swashbucklers" that the word took a turn to me something positive. Hollywood's silver screen featured stars like Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn playing pirates that were anything but loud, obnoxious oafs. Movies such as The Three Musketeers, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Captain Blood featured heroic, brave men with extraordinary swordsmen skills. In this genre of movies there always seemed to be a "damsel in distress" which added the poignant romantic element. Many of the actors in these films underwent training in fencing. These "Swashbucklers" put the term on the map for what it represents now in modern movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Princess Bride.

Our collection of Swashbuckler Costumes will have you playing the part in no time. For men try the Captain One Eyed Willie Costume, the Classic Pirate Costume or the Black Heart Pirate Costume, all three are great looks. For the ladies we offer the Pirate Captain Costume, the Playboy Swashbuckler Pirate Adult Costume which features a peasant style dress with lots of detailing and the Deck Hand Darling Premiere Collection is stunning.

For boys and girls there are several options to choose from. Check out the Caribbean Pirate Girl and the Swashbuckler Kids Costume for starters.