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Mens Pirate Costumes

Dress as the Pirates from classic stories like Captain Hook and Pirates of the Caribbean with matching Wigs, Hats, Swords and capes for your Men's Pirate Attire.

Classic and stylish Mens Pirate Costumes for special party occasions, festivals and Halloween. Find Pirate Outfits for Men and explore the high seas. Get ready to swab the deck for the times you are not out there living the sea life. In fact, even if you have never been out to sea, you can still get the taste of the salty sea air and water in this Pirate Costume. It might also help to mix salt and water in a bowl and splash it on your face to top off that authentic pirate look and feel.

Try on the High Seas Buccaneer Costume, which includes a rustic pirate hat, grungy boots, a brown vest on a white shirt and red and black striped pants. We also have other varieties, like the Buccaneer Bones, with a grey rag coat and a skeleton shirt, a skeleton pirate who loves the pirate life so much that death won’t stop him! See more great Pirate options for men like Swashbuckler Costumes, and classical movie characters like Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook and many more Pirate Costume designs here!