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Boys Pirate Costumes

Ahoy! Get a Pirate Costume for your boy! He will live through the adventures only Pirates can enjoy. Find the perfect Pirate outfit for school presentations, plays and Halloween. Enjoy fast shipping options and a secure shopping experience.

Boys like to dress up in Pirate Costumes for Halloween. That is why this collection features fabulous Pirate character Costumes for Boys like Davy Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Black Beard and popular Pirate Movie costumes and Pirate Accessories. These Costumes are so legitimate, your Boy will be speaking in full Pirate slang. Yarr! Unfurl the masts! Raise ye Jolly Roger! Haul to the west, aye! Thar be a mother load of plunder ‘pon yonder ship, and we be giving chase but baint be giving no quarter! Ahoy there! If you’re no landlubber but a man of the sea, if you built your sea legs on the quarter mast singing “A Pirate’s Life for Me,” then you may be in the market for a Pirate Costume!

Become the skull and crossbones and mercilessly raid cargo holds of the fancy boaters as a living skeleton in the Barnacle Bones Boys Costume. It is a costume with ragged pants and red sash, skull mask and a black shirt with the depiction of a rib cage and spinal cord! Arr! Or your little Fellow can scour the seven seas in the Rogue Pirate Boys Costume. With striped pants, a white shirt and vest, a lucky bandana and a sash around your waist, whether you are on a quest to locate buried treasure or the bedraggled remnant of a failed mutiny, you Boy is clearly out to be a pirate!