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Womens Pirate Costumes

There is no need to search further for your lost treasure because in this Womens Pirate Costumes selection you will find yours! Pirates are popular characters that we often find in books, movies, and even in party themes! Get your own Pirate Outfit right here, right now!

Sassy Pirate Costume for Women for Halloween and Parties. Captain Booty, Sassy Victorian, Pirate Treasure, Pirate Wench and many more sexy pirate designs. Pirate costumes are fun to wear on Halloween, especially with a group of friends or family. There are so many accessories to go with them as well, such as sharp swords, large rimmed hats, and black boots. Movies like Pirate of the Caribbean have inspired women to dress up and pirates too. Women Pirate Costumes include a long or short skirts along with high knee boots and sexy stockings.

Look through our selection of Pirate Wench Costumes. Most Pirates are clad in rich red colors, feathered hats, and dragging fabrics. Some ladies even go as far as wearing the gold Pirate costumes, which look incredibly stunning and seem to give a golden “bling bling” to the whole picture. Make your women pirate costume flamboyant by attaching the eye patch, a belt, and jewelry. You can even go the extra mile adding an artificial parrot on your shoulder. If you want, you can also add a hook for your hand. Also don’t forget to wear your fishnet stockings to top off this outfit. This will definitely capture anyone’s attention and you can easily dance in your costume without feeling uncomfortable.