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Avengers Movie Costumes

Dress up in Avengers costumes to bring your very own Marvel dream team together for Halloween. The most recognizable faces in the Marvel Universe are available in costume form; get them all at Wonder Costumes and save big on our wide selection.

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Costumes

Find the best Avengers costumes for all ages!

Avengers costumes owe their popularity to Marvel Studios' persistence in producing good films. Many of the reasons for the superhero boom we are experiencing in movies today can be attributed to the superhero films of the early 2000s such as Bryan Singer’s X-Men or Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. These early attempts at kickstarting the genre served as a foundation for decades of movies to come, lighting a path that showed the way to blend a readers’ medium’s outré flourishes such as the vibrant costumes, the layered storylines and the narrative complexities in a form suited for the silver screen.

Of all the films that followed suit, none have been quite as successful as the Kevin Feige led Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the Avengers universe, as it is unofficially called. Jump started by 2008’s Iron Man, the MCU has since then gone on to become the biggest and best superhero franchise of our times, and as the final stages of the Avengers universe’s first act loom, fans are eagerly anticipating every move the studio makes, searching for clues.

It’s commendable how Marvel took some of the lesser known comic book universe, and turned them into instantly recognizable faces, with every screening of a new film attended by hundreds of fans waiting in costume, every Comic Con rife with people in Avengers costumes, and every other superhero costume on Halloween being a costume that belongs to an Avenger. This feat might be commendable, but not as commendable as how Marvel pulled it off.

With Iron Man, Marvel managed to deliver a comic book film that was grounded, deeply funny, had a strong character arc made even stronger by a perfectly cast lead, and yet remained respectful to the costumed antics of its cartoonishly over the top character. When a studio manages to make a man in a red and gold iron costume, relatable and grounded, a hat tip is in order. Marvel understood that the audience appreciated this blend of heart, humor and grounded comic book-ishness, and built all of the films leading up to The Avengers in a similar fashion. This formula is the reason films like Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, films widely expected to stumble due to their niche and ridiculously over the top characters manged to become relative hits. Even the costumes which were seen as trip ups (a costume resembling an American flag and another costume that was literally otherworldly and rooted in Norse mythology) were handled with such care that they turned out to be two of the most favorite Avengers costumes among the fans! This very treatment awarded to every character and every film led The Avengers to be one of the biggest successes of all time, and a film widely regarded as one of the best ever. And once The Avengers had succeeded, Marvel had built enough trust to sell movies based on their name alone, no matter how otherworldy, be it Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Strange.

At Wonder Costumes, we are as big fans of Avengers as the rest of the world, and we know how badly the fans want their favorite costume in time for their desired event, and for that reason, we always maintain a very hefty stock of Avengers costume. Whoever might be your favorite character, be it one of the stalwarts such as Iron Man or Captain America, or one of the new ones such as Spider-Man or Black Panther, or even non-enhanced individuals such as Black Widow, Hawkeye or The Winter Soldier, you can be sure Wonder Costumes has the costume you need, because saving the world shouldn’t have to wait because of a costume!