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Avatar Costumes

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James Cameron's Epic Science Fiction Motion Picture, Avatar, introduced audiences to the breathtaking world of Pandora, a habitable moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. The lush, vibrant Pandoran landscape was home to the Na'vi people, a species of intelligent humanoid beings.

Our Pocahontas like heroine comes to us in the form of Neytiri, a fierce and loyal Na'vi princess. Morph into an out-of-this-world beauty with an Officially-Licensed Avatar Neytiri Costume! Accessorize with an Avatar Neytiri Wig - Adult Deluxe and Avatar Na'Vi Makeup Kit to intensify your look! Also, don't forget to sport an Avatar Movie - Navi Spear - Costume Accessory or Avatar Move - Navi Bow Costume Accessory - Neytiri took pride in her skills as a warrior! One life ends, another life begins...transform yourself into a true Na'vi with an Avatar Jake Sully Costume! Our hero, an immobilized, former U.S. Marine, sets out to become a mediator between the human military and their Na'vi hosts, only to fall in love with Princess Neytiri and ally himself against his destructive military's ambitions. Connected to a genetically-engineered Na'vi clone, referred to as an "Avatar", Jake Sully makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Na'vi's homestead, later to be revived in full Na'vi form by the planet's sacred, life-giving tree.

This box-office hit conveyed to viewers the importance of environmental preservation and biodiversity, and the phenomenal, high-definition picture set new standards for cutting-edge filming techniques. Celebrate the alien beauty of Pandora with our stock of Officially-Licensed Avatar Movie Costumes!